Introducing: Yoga Mats

Introducing our new line of yoga mats

All the bright, bold, tropics-inspired designs you expect from Modern Tropical Studios are now available on a new line of yoga mats.

20 styles available • Lightweight & latex-free • Includes carrying strap

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January New Releases

Happy New Year!

Vibrant tones are all over the color palette for January. Give your room a huge dose of good vibes with these fresh designs by Kristian Gallagher for Modern Tropical.

Get Organized

get-org1  get-org3  get-org5

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Bali Views

Bali Views • Art print, 2018
by Kristian Gallagher


Bali views… because it’s always summer somewhere. Created by our founder, Kristian Gallagher, who explains it this way: “everyone has a dream escape in their head. For some it’s the beach, or the mountains, or a penthouse in the city. This is mine. An open-air villa with tropical flowers and an ocean view.”

It’s available framed or unframed, in multiple sizes.

Bird Stack III

Bird Stack III • Art print, 2018
by Kristian Gallagher for Modern Tropical


Today we released the latest in our Bird series: Bird Stack III. Is this not the cutest neighborhood watch ever? Inspired by mid century poster design (and the birds I interact with on my beach walks!), these minimalist feathered friends look great in any room, and bonus: they’ll keep an eye on your stuff.

Origin Story: Chinese Lucky Cat

In America we call it the Chinese Lucky Cat, but it actually got its start in Japan where it is known as maneki-neko, or “beckoning cat”.

maneki neko art print

Its association with being lucky comes from Japanese folktales, where cats who hung around a merchant’s doorway were believed to attract customers. These talismans are still immensely popular in Chinese American communities, which is why we think of them as being Chinese.


Fun fact: It is also said that the Pokémon named Meowth is based on a maneki-neko, though whether that’s true or not is much debated on the internet.


What we can all agree on is that they are adorable and everyone should have (at least) one.  Because who doesn’t want more good luck in their life?


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Modern Tropical now available at INPRNT

Modern Tropical has launched on another platform, this time at super hip Artists sell here by invitation only, requiring portfolio approval. So I am beyond pleased to announce that my work has been accepted and the shop is now open.

Palm Springs Mood

INPRNT features art prints, canvas prints, and phone cases. I add new work weekly to this site.


For even more products and choices, you can always find the whole selection of my work at the main store on Now featuring wall murals!