New Releases: December


Fresh art, get it while it’s hot!

December is rolling in like a candy colored freight train and I am so ready! Forget those muted colors and stormy grays. The winter tropics are as vibrant as any other time of the year — just look at the fresh vivid color palette Modern Tropical is favoring this month! So go ahead and be a little rebellious. When others are trotting out the holiday colors or the sodden winter palettes, pop in these beautiful shades of aqua, pink and yellow to brighten your walls (and your day)!

Get The Look

abstract-tropical-pastel-sunset-art-for-sale aqua-pink-pop-art-palm-art-for-sale bright-tropicals-art-for-sale

Shown: Abstract Tropical Pastel Sunset art print | Aqua + Pink Pop Art Palm art print | Bright Tropicals framed art print

Modern Tropical is a design & illustration brand specializing in tropical art + decor, all things nature, and anything else we feel like creating today. We encourage you to do the same.

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Let Nature In

August weather can be brutal — best stay inside and let nature come to you. The easiest way to make that happen? We recommend these fresh natured-inspired new releases.


Banana Leaf II canvas print / Emerald Forest throw pillow / Wild Agave art print

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Modern Tropical specializes in tropical decor, coastal decor, and all things nature.