Warm Winter Gallery Wall


How about some dreamy views and warm palettes to get you through those gray winter skies? Yes? Shown: Golden Ficus Tree, Twilight, Santa Fe Oasis, Morning in Paradise, and Nature Stack 04.



Cool Coastal Modern


A gallery wall made simple with modern tropical greenery. Featuring: Bamboo Forest Watercolor, Minimalist Ink Floral, Emerald Palm Fronds Watercolor.



Eclectic Gallery Wall

Eclectic Plant Lover.jpg

Mix and match style for nature lovers. Featuring: Summer Fern, Let The Sunshine In, Bright Modern Tropical Greenery, Wild Orchard, Beginnings, and Bohemian Sunflowers.



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Libra Season Blues


Libra is all about balance, which explains why so many golden autumn palettes infuse deep blues into the mix. On the color wheel, blue is the complementary color to yellow.  No surprise then that my favorite bright cobalt and deep indigo are back in a big way. They’re showing up all over my work lately. (Balanced with plenty of gold, naturally.) Helloooo autumn!

Blue Morocco Whimsy frame print
Bright Modern Tropical Greenery II
Modern Tropical Bouquet in Blue



New Releases + Gallery Wall Inspo

Plants. Greenery. Flora. You get the idea.

greenery-art-02 greenery-tropicla-art-01 greenery-art-03

Nature prints that evoke exotic places: Tropical Symmetry II, Bamboo and Fern, Nature Stack II. All by Kristian Gallagher for Modern Tropical.

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