A Simple Summer-Themed Art Wall

Miss those easy summer days? Us too. Live them all year ’round with a simple summer-themed gallery wall. Showcase three or four art prints that evoke lazy afternoons on tropical islands. Bold lines and green hues get the job done:


Shown: Pop Greenery, Palm Leaf Watercolor, Watercolor Surfboards

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Modern Tropical specializes in tropical art + decor, all things nature, and anything else we feel like creating today. We encourage you to do the same.

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Green Mood

Just in time for the holidays… introducing Green Mood, a new collection from Modern Tropical Studios. Featuring 178 individual works of art and decor in shades of emerald, olive, teal, and everything in between. Check it out here.


Shown: Submerged art print, Hiking in Hawaii peel-n-stick wall mural, Rainforest Hike art print, Vintage Wave Woodblock throw pillow, and Minimalist Mid Century wall tapestry.

See the whole collection >

Modern Tropical specializes in beach decor, tropical decor, and all things green(ish).

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