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A studio born in paradise

Welcome! My name is Kristian Gallagher and I am the founder of Modern Tropical, a design and illustration studio. The studio was created from a life spent in graphic design, an affinity for the bright, bold motifs of midcentury modern imagery, and my endless thirst for exploring. The subjects of my artwork are inspired by my travels around the world.

Modern Tropical is currently based in Honolulu, a city perfectly suited to my artistic style. It’s filled with classic polynesian motifs and midcentury architecture, inspiring me every day. That this inspirational city happens to be located on a tropical island is almost too good to be true. My work is available worldwide from my online store.

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Artist Statement

The artwork I create is inspired by my love of all things tropical and my endless thirst for exploring the planet. I am currently based in Hawaii most of year, and in British Columbia during the summer months. Living in the middle of the Pacific allows me to travel to Asia, the South Pacific region, North America and Central America with equal ease. I especially gravitate to locations known for their midcentury architecture, and this is why the tiny town of Palm Springs, California, is one of my all time favorite places to get inspired.

Historically, I am known by my graphic design work. Illustration was a personal hobby for most of my life. With the launch of Modern Tropical, art and illustration are my full time focus. Two decades of design experience and knowledge provides me with a strong foundation, as does my interest in photography. Color and composition play important roles in my artwork.

My style is always evolving. Consistent elements include crisp linework, bold color palettes, and an affinity for blending mediums. A typical work may contain watercolor, photographed textures, and original vector art. The final pieces are digital, and well suited to large formats.

Subjects vary from single iconic objects to abstracts to scenes of summer life. Nature and natural objects are most often my focus.