Favorite Things: The Company We Keep

What we’re loving right now

…Having Let The Sunshine In on the first page of art prints at Society6, among some of the most amazing emerging talent in the country.


In this month’s Favorite Things, I want to celebrate the skyrocketing success of Let The Sunshine In by shouting out to the other artists also have top selling work at Society6. These are people who have been profiled everywhere from The New York Times to Refinery29. Seeing my work among theirs is a truly humbling (and mindblowing) experience. Check out a few of my favorites below, perhaps they’ll become your favorites as well!

Get The Look

rose-bottles-lindsay-kay.jpg get-the-look.jpg let-the-sunshine-in-modern-tropical.jpg giraffe-palm-springs-paul-fuentes.jpg pinky-swear-explicit-design.jpg everything-will-be-fine-wanker.jpg

Modern Tropical is a design & illustration brand specializing in tropical art + decor, all things nature, and anything else we feel like creating today. Favorite Things is a monthly feature of the Modern Tropical blog. This post contains affiliate links. And wow you even read the fine print. We love you for that. xoxo.

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Bird Stack III

Bird Stack III • Art print, 2018
by Kristian Gallagher for Modern Tropical


Today we released the latest in our Bird series: Bird Stack III. Is this not the cutest neighborhood watch ever? Inspired by mid century poster design (and the birds I interact with on my beach walks!), these minimalist feathered friends look great in any room, and bonus: they’ll keep an eye on your stuff.

Modern Tropical specializes in tropical art + decor, all things nature, and anything else we feel like creating today. We encourage you to do the same.

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November New Releases

We have been very busy bees — and have the new releases to prove it. Not just one but four new works for you to check out. Click through to see them larger. Want more? How about 40% off these lovelies at our Society6 shop today? Go get ’em.


Shown: Honey Bee Watercolor, Pop Greenery, Sea Glass Cairn, and Desert Garden II.

Modern Tropical specializes in beach decor, tropical decor, and all things nature.

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Sunshine Hits The Top 3

Our print “Let The Sunshine In” has hit the top 3 on Society 6 for the search term sunset”. Being a VERY popular search term, this is… kind of a big deal! Oh, did we mention they are offering 25% off and free shipping all day? Use code ART25FS.


Modern Tropical Studios specializes in tropical decor, beach decor and all things sunny. Connect with us on Pinterest.