Create Your Springtime Gallery Wall With These 4 Art Prints


Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for *all the plants*. If (like me) you don’t have a ton of outdoor garden space, just decorate your indoors with the kind of plants that need no watering. Bonus: they look bright and vibrant all year around.

thelittleone-promo1 southwest-summer-promo1



Get these beauties here.



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Art In The Wild, April Part 2


It’s been quite a month for my work being spotlighted in interior design features and I am so freaking grateful. The latest is on the Society6 blog, where Mary Lauren’s amazing redesign of her son’s room includes two of my works. Check out the article here for some truly inspiring adventure-themed kid’s room ideas. (Photo credit: s6 blog)

And get the look here:

Throw-pillow Framed-print

It always makes my day (week/month/year) when people choose my work to display in their homes!



New Releases: December


Fresh art, get it while it’s hot!

December is rolling in like a candy colored freight train and I am so ready! Forget those muted colors and stormy grays. The winter tropics are as vibrant as any other time of the year — just look at the fresh vivid color palette Modern Tropical is favoring this month! So go ahead and be a little rebellious. When others are trotting out the holiday colors or the sodden winter palettes, pop in these beautiful shades of aqua, pink and yellow to brighten your walls (and your day)!

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