New Releases: Landscapes


As promised yesterday, here is a peek at the new releases, part two: landscapes. (Check out part one: botanicals here)

Tropical Moon 
Tropical Moonlight 
Moroccan Garden

moon-1.jpg  moon-2.jpg  sun-1.jpg



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New Releases: Botanicals



Here at Modern Tropical Studios, my two favorite motifs are modern botanicals and whimsical landscapes. I have been busy working on both… and here they are! Part one: the newest botanical releases, ready to go to their forever homes. Which one is your favorite?

Bamboo Sunset Watercolor 
Little Palm + Sunshine

bamboo-solo.jpg  begin-solo.jpg  littlepalm-solo.jpg



(ps ~ check back tomorrow to see part two: the new landscapes releases)


New Releases: December


Fresh art, get it while it’s hot!

December is rolling in like a candy colored freight train and I am so ready! Forget those muted colors and stormy grays. The winter tropics are as vibrant as any other time of the year — just look at the fresh vivid color palette Modern Tropical is favoring this month! So go ahead and be a little rebellious. When others are trotting out the holiday colors or the sodden winter palettes, pop in these beautiful shades of aqua, pink and yellow to brighten your walls (and your day)!

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Bali Views

Bali Views • Art print, 2018
by Kristian Gallagher


Bali views… because it’s always summer somewhere. Created by our founder, Kristian Gallagher, who explains it this way: “everyone has a dream escape in their head. For some it’s the beach, or the mountains, or a penthouse in the city. This is mine. An open-air villa with tropical flowers and an ocean view.”

It’s available framed or unframed, in multiple sizes.

Tropical Indigo

New release! Autumn has us enchanted with deep jewel tone colors, especially in nature motifs:



Tropical Indigo I & II • 2018
by Kristian Gallagher for Modern Tropical Studios

Modern Tropical specializes in tropical decor, coastal decor, and all things nature.